Other Products

Aluminium is the name of our game. We fabricate and weld virtually an unlimited range of aluminium products to our own or client specifications. Since inception in 1986 we have done countless projects and items to customer satisfaction.

There is a wide variety, some of which are listed below. We can also do items in prefabricated kit form so they can be easily transported and assembled on site by other contractors far afield. To a lesser degree we also do Stainless Steel and Steel Products.

We also have a number of clients that require production line items monthly for their products. As these are confidential we cannot display them.

Automotive Products

Buckie Hunting Cage
Aluminium Buckie Cage
Removable Ladder for Roof rack
Tool Box Canopy
Rear Bin Make up for Classic Buckie
Intercoolers etc
Tool box
Tool box open with trays


Aluminium Gate zoom effect
Aluminium Gate with Palm design
Arch Gates Cladded
Gate with perforated cladding
Access Control
Industrial Gates
Cladded Gate
Gate suspended slidding no track on driveway
Cladded Gate
Design gate
Gate Partially Cladded
Aluminium burglar guards and gate

Pergolas and Sunscreens

Sunshade Pergola
Adjustable Tilt Sun Screen
Sun Screen Sliding Door

Weather Louvres

Weather Louvre
Weather Louver Gas Shed
Weather Louvre Triangle vent
Circular Louvre

Truss Structure

Lighting Truss
Movie Rig Canterleaver Camera Crane
CROSS Fire at Durban Christian Centre Dome
Aluminium Bridging Walkway
Structural framework for Ship Observation Room
Ship observation room
Tower Truss Base
Tower Truss hinged base

Gangways and Bridging Boards

Ship Gangway
Youngman Board Scafholding Bridging Walkway
Youngman Bridging Boards

Custom Scaffolding and Ladders

Step Platform
Bridge Overhang Scaffolding
Silo internal scaffolding Platform
Cat Ladders

Mobile Trolleys and Displays

Medical trolley
Mobile Aluminium Container Box
Mobile Vertical Display Stands
Vending Trolley

Boxes, Bins and Tanks

Stackable Ice Bins
Sliding Door Boxes
Tool Boxes
Aluminium Tank

Sport Goal Posts and Stands

Reversible Basket Ball and Netball Goals
Rugby Posts
Soccer and combo rugby posts
Spectator Stand

Pet Pens and Cages

Bird cage
Bird Cage with parrot
Pet Pens
Pet pen with pets

Spit Braai

Spit Braai

Other Miscellaneous

Marquee hoisting frames
SPIRE at Radisson Hotel Maputo
Hindu Chariot
Alu drawers
Yacht Canopy Frame
Framework for fishing boat fighting chair
Fishing Trolley Cage
Column Cladding
Custom Box Trolley
Custom mobile trolley
Fold up tripod stand for whiteboard
Folded up tripod stand for white board
Adjustable Angle Ladder
Portable step
Portable pool steps
Rotating Sign
Water Feature SS
Pool Rail Stainless Steel
Handcuff Rails SS
Guard rails SS