Lightning Protection Masts

We have been manufacturing aluminium lightning protection masts since 1987. Over 3 decades have given us the refinement to supply lightning protection masts to a quality standard that we can afford to give a 5 year mechanical guarantee on the product. Ts & Cs apply.

The advantages of having an aluminium mast opposed to a galvanized steel mast are:

Coastal conditions require aluminium opposed to galvanized steel. This is because if a galvanized steel mast is struck by lightning, the galvanizing would develop pit holes where rust can permeate and in a short period the mast will rust and eventually be structurally unsafe.

Aluminium being a much lighter commodity than steel affords the installation to be a lot simpler leading to a less expensive installation. Future maintenance would also be far easier.

A steel mast you would have to have mechanical equipment to lower and erect the mast whereas a few people can quite easily lower or erect the aluminium mast with relevant ease

Aluminium is also more conductive than Galvanized steel.

In most instances, Insurance will not cover dwellings that have thatched roofs unless there is a lightning protection mast.

These masts are available in any height up to 24 meters. Please see below for technical drawings