Franchise Opportunities

DIY BALUSTRADES offer to the client an affordable alternative to Custom Balustrades which are far more expensive than our system. Its versatility allows for simple and speedy installation. The client also has the reassurance that once paid for the product can be released almost immediately. No waiting many weeks or months and having to deal with the frustration of time restraint or possible fly by night contractors disappearing with their deposit.

We Developed and patented our DIY Balustrades System in 2009 and subsequently launched it at the East Coast Radio Home and Garden Show where it attracted huge attention.

Balustrade is not like other items like furniture where you can throw out the old and replace with new at any time. People would only need balustrade when they are doing alterations at a certain time.

The result is that when introduced to the product with interest some buy immediately and others place their orders months and sometimes years after. This is why a website is so important as when clients google balustrade they are in need of the product shortly.

We are based in Durban and Clients in Durban are easily accommodated once they have viewed it at our premises. Some clients further afield are skeptical about buying a pretty picture on the internet and want to view and feel the product before committing to an order. This puts the franchisee in a position where he can secure the order as he will have a display trailer and other display items. Excel quotation spreadsheets are provided for easy quoting.

Many clients are attracted to the cheaper price of the DIY Balustrade but are not interested in installing themselves. This also allows the franchisee to further capitalize by invoicing separately for installing the product.

Since launching the DIY Balustrade system we have developed other variations of not only horizontal rails but to include stainless steel cables, suspended glass and a vertical rack system.

As an off-spin of this we have some of our other products that the franchisee may capitalize on. Flagpoles are in great demand and are easy to install. Some products such as Lightning Protection Masts and other items on this website are also available.

We are interested in a few reliable agents that can distribute and sometimes install our product in major centers of other provinces. The successful applicant would have to have some experience in the construction or engineering industry.