DIY Balustrades

DIY Balustrades offer an option to the consumer that is far more affordable than the conventional way of having a contractor to purposely manufacture to custom design.

The DIY product is readily available off the shelf so installation can be implemented within days and not weeks or months such as custom fabrication may take.

The DIY Balustrade has been made so easy installation is possible. All stanchion posts have been pre-assembled allowing for a speedy and uncomplicated installation ie Anchor bolt or chemical anchor stanchion to floor, Pop Rivet top rail to cup bracket on stanchion. Loosen screws on intermediate rail clamps, thread though intermediate rails and tighten screws. Simple as that, an amateur with a little experience will be well qualified to install.

Staircase balustrade are similarly installed using our hinged accessories and adjustable height stanchion posts.

There are also other variations of Aluminium DIY Balustrades including cables, glass and vertical droppers.

Glass clamp design with suspended glass as well as stainless steel cables are also available with Stainless Steel stanchion framework sold as DIY kit form. This is limited to landing areas only. Staircase balustrades in stainless steel would have to be custom fabricated on request.

We professionalize in developing the below and other balustrade systems to suite your requirements in kit form, transported to your site for easy assembly by yourselves.

Please note our new developments listed below for square tube horizontal rails and also pool fencing.

DIY Balustrades with Horizontal Rails

Top Rail with 3 Intermittent Rails

Top Rail with 4 Intermittent Rails

Top Rail with 5 Intermittent Rails

Top Rail with 7 Intermittent Rails

Gates for DIY Balustrades

DIY Balustrade with Stainless Steel Cables

DIY Balustrade with Suspended Glass

DIY Balustrades with Vertical Droppers

DIY Stainless Steel Balustrades with Cables and Suspended Glass

DIY Horizontal Rail in Square Tube/ Pool Fencing

DIY Staircases

Due to customer demand we have also developed a DIY STAIRCASE SYSTEM which is unique in its ability of riser brackets adjusting to the angle of stairs. This enables the staircase system to be installed at various slopes 28 to 38 degrees without having to do any structural change.

The two parallel stringers have hinged removable top and bottom mounting brackets for either end. Trim stringer to required length if required. The adjustable angle riser bracket will allow for the angle of

Risers are usually wood of customer supply or we can supply you with these in sealed plywood or aluminium tread-plate frames at an additional cost. The wood can also be cladded with tread-plate or other material

The conventional way to manufacture a staircase would be to weld stairs to the required angle for the space allocated. If there is a mistake or change of angle, the stairs would not be level and would result in
major cost to change or remake. Our prefabricated hinged system allows for this adjustment on site.

Stringers are 101mm Aluminium round tube or an option of Galvanized Steel 100 x 50 Rectangle tube

Aluminium Staircase with wood risers and Aluminium Tread
Aluminium Staircase with Wood Risers
Aluminium Staircase with Aluminium Frame Risers
Staircase with Galvanized Steel Stringers