Balustrades Custom Design

We have a wide range of balustrade designs available and are consistently doing extra year on year as demand from architects come out with their new innovated ideas that change all the time.

Being in business since 1986 there have been numerous variations that are to many to mention on this website. Below is a selection of some of the most popular designs of projects that we have completed.

All Aluminium Balustrades are of welded construction and powder coated after manufacture, before fitment. (They are not of pop rivet assembly that other contractors may supply).

Aluminium Balustrades With Horizontal Rails

Horizontal Round Rails
Horizontal Round Rails
Horizontal Square Rails
Horizontal Square Rails

Aluminium Balustrades With Vertical Droppers

Round Tube – Note variation of single or double rail top or bottom rail

Round Vertical Droppers
Vertical Dropper Round Tube Balustrade Double top rail
Vert Dropper Belly
Balustrade Vertical Dropper Double Bottom Rail

Square tube – Note variation of single or double top rail also handrail option 25 x 50 rectangle tube with handrail capping or larger 76 x 38mm rectangle tube

Vertical Droppers Double Top rail
Vert Dropper with 76 x 38 Top Rail
Vert Dropper with Single Top Rail
Vert Dropper with Double Top Rail

Mixed Design Aluminium Balustrades

Design X
Mall Shopping Centre
Client Spec
Internal Frame

Aluminium Balustrades With Stainless Steel Cables

SS Cable Balustrade
SS Cable Balustrade
Horizontal Bars and cables
Double Stanchions with Cables SS Top rail

Aluminium Balustrades With Glass

Square Tube with Suspended glass
Framed Glass Balustrade
Square Tube With Glass
Round Tube With Glass

Stainless Steel Balustrades

Spiral Stairs
On Parapet Wall
Side Mounted
Fire Escape
Curved Stair
Square Stanchions
Belly Double Rail
Belly Outside view
Belly Inside view
Belly Flat Bar
Vertical Dropper Double Top Rail
Vertical Dropper
Pool Rail

Stainless Steel with Glass and Cables

Square Tube Face Mount Glass
Side mounted with Suspended Glass
SS Cable Stair
SS Cable

Galvanized Steel Balustrades

Ball Stanchion
Galvanized Fire Escape