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Aluweld was established in 1986. Over three decades of experience in supplying the aluminium industry has made us a preferred Manufacturer and Supplier of various aluminium products and services nationwide and beyond.

Apart from aluminium fabrication and welding we also have other services , an Anodising plant and Foundry with Engineering facilities. Having these facilities makes in-house production more versatile and economical and therefore an eventual cost saving and satisfactory service delivery to the client.

Apart from a wide variation of aluminium products, we also fabricate some in stainless steel and steel.

Our aluminium products include, Balustrades, DIY Balustrades , Flagpoles , Lightning Protection Masts and many other Custom design products made to order.

We are proud of our DIY Balustrade System developed and patented in 2009. This system has evolved from the basic initial design of horizontal rails with fittings to enable not only to be installed on landing areas but on any stairway with hinged angle fittings and height adjustable stanchion posts. Over the forthcoming years this has advanced to include a Vertical rack system, SS Cables, Suspended glass, Garden rails, Pool fencing and a development to enable most of the above of not only in round tube but in square tube as well. We have many hundreds of satisfied clients all over South Africa and beyond.

It comes in a kit form that is prefabricated and easily installed by the amateur DIY enthusiast with minim expertise. We have also developed a DIY staircase system with adjustable angle riser brackets that are hinged to enable the angle of staircase and locked in level position for attaching risers steps.

Franchises are also available.

If you require more information and pricing on a product then please fill in your info on page Contact Us or phone us on 031 464 0021 or email aluweld@gmail.com

Our Services


Balustrades made to customer specification, any design in Aluminium or Stainless Steel and sometimes mild or galvanized steel. Round Tube, Square Tube, Cables, Glass or of mixed construction and design.

DIY Balustrades & Staircases

DIY Balustrades offer an option to the consumer that is far more affordable than the conventional way of having a contractor to purposely manufacture to custom design. No waiting weeks or months for the contractor. You can have this system in a few hours if special requirements are needed then only a few days.


There is a range of Ground Mounted flagpoles from 6m – 15m+ with varied bases. Other Flagpoles are Wall Mounted Flagpoles, Indoor Flagpoles, Windsocks, Hire Flagpoles and other Customized Flagpoles such as Cluster, Yardarm and Rotating Arm Flagpoles amongst others.

Lightning Protection Masts

Aluminium Lightning Protection Masts up to 24m in height

Custom Design Products

A wide range of Aluminium Products that include Vehicle Roof Racks, Tool Boxes, Tanks, Bins, Sports Goal Posts and Nets, Weather Louvre’s, Sunscreens and Pergolas, Gates, Custom Scaffolding, Lighting and Stage Truss’s, Display Trolleys, Gangways for ships, Structural Framework and many more.


Welding services include repairs to Cylinder Heads, Gearbox Housings, Sumps and Other Aluminium Castings. Also welding of general aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel. Anodising of aluminium. A foundry for casting of aluminium castings.


Franchises are now available for DIY Balustrades and to a lesser degree some of our other products.